Erection – why and how do men struggle with their erectile dysfunction

01_problem_Men-With-Erectile-Dysfunction-Have-a-Much-Higher-Risk-of-This-Disease_626082683_tommaso79-1024x683Impotence that specialists call erectile dysfunction is the physical state when a man has very weak or no erection and the male’s disability of ejaculation. This serious problem can be caused by various reasons and factors including physiological problems, depression and mental disorders. Anonymous surveys show that modern society knows well what is impotence – over 52% of men between 41 and 70 years state that they suffer from ED or had it in the past. As erection is always connected with a vascular condition, the ED risk is gradually increasing with age. Fatty food, much alcohol, smoking negatively affect the male’s vascular system and decrease the erection. Negative experience in marriage, in sex life and the death of close people cause depression, stress and finally lead to erectile dysfunction.

Endocrine diseases and impotence

Man’s endocrine system generates hormones controlling sexual functions, mood, body metabolism, reproductions, etc. Diabetes is the endocrine system disease which finally leads a man to ED. The level of hormones changes, certain nerves are damaged, the blood flow to penis becomes weak – all these factors together cause ED that is most commonly called impotence, weak or no erection.

Neurological disorders and erectile dysfunction

Certain neurological disorders cause ED. When a man’s nervous system suffers, the brain “refuses” to send right impulses to the reproductive system. Even watching an attractive sexually object, the person does not get a signal to make sex. Yes, this man can see that the “object” is sexually attracted, but he does not feel it – just realizing the sexual attraction of the person he sees. No erection happens, and the person gets even more serious problems including depression from realizing he has impotence. Neurological diseases causing ED include:

erectile-dysfunction• Temporal lobe epilepsy
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Brain tumours
• Parkinson’s disease
• Stroke
• Multiple sclerosis
• Men who had prostate gland surgery often face ED problems.

Bicycle riding can also cause temporary male erectile dysfunction! Long-lasting pressure on genitals influences the nerves! Meanwhile, this type of ED is treated faster – the person is recommended to give up riding a bicycle.

Taking certain drugs and impotence

Taking certain drugs influences much blood flow, and often causes erectile dysfunction. However, even if a person knows that prescribed medications affect erection, he must not ever stop taking them, otherwise more serious health problems may happen. Some well-known drugs causing ED include Flomax, Coreg, Lopressor, Tagamet, Xanax, Valium, Codeine, Lasix, Aldactone, Paxil, Prozac, etc. Most of antidepressants and diuretics in large dosage cause ED.

Emotional states and depression

prostatecancertreatmentrisk_859405Erection is the difficult process involving physiological and psychological processes. It means that even when a male is physically healthy he can suffer from ED through depression, bad emotional disorders, feeling of grief and sadness, helplessness. Anxiety can also influence potency. Sometimes psychological factors do not let a man get sexual satisfaction with a certain partner (reminding him of his ex-spouse, or even a child). Drugs, alcohol and nicotine negatively affect male potency and cause ED. Exactly in these cases, taking Viagra pills becomes the best helpful method of treating the impotence. Meanwhile, a man suffering from one of these problems must cure the problem itself. Over the counter Viagra gives an only temporary erection, treatment, but not curing impotence.